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What we offer.

The best Syracuse SEO experience anywhere, at the lowest prices.

How does our Price Compare?

We have individually contacted every Syracuse SEO firm and Search Engine Optimization company in and around Upstate New York to get a feel for what their pricing structure is, so that way we can be sure that we are the lowest priced in the area.

-Do you charge a monthly fee?

Unlike most Syracuse SEO firms which charge a monthly "subscription" fee to keep your website on top, we normally don't. We typically charge a one time fee to get your site ranking in the "big three", and don't continue charging you month to month. (Because of the way we build our backlinks you typically don't need us to keep maintaining your links to keep your site ranking on top. If you are interested in why, please take a look at the section "How do we rank clients?" right below to find out the reason.)

However, if you would feel more comfortable with us maintaining your website on the top of Google, we would be certainly be able to for a low maintenance fee.

Our Syracuse SEO Strategy

Most SEO companies do one of two things, they either employ a few people overseas in areas like China or India to build backlinks or they use a automated program to spam links all over the internet. Both of these practices are bad and will have eventual negative long term effects on your website.

-How should you build backlinks?

When building backlinks you want to hire a company that builds all of the links to your site manually, builds backlinks ONLY on websites that provide similar content to the website you are trying to get ranked AND employ a company with a good command of the English language.

-What's the reason for that?

The reason why most Syracuse SEO companies will charge you a monthly subscription fee to keep your website ranking is because they build poor quality links that either get removed or deleted very quickly. Their backlinks are either written in broken, nonsensical English or they are automated generic comments that add no value, which means the links get taken down almost as fast as they are put up. Because of this, they have to constantly spam new links in order to keep your website on top. This process of spamming links over and over again is extremely detrimental to your website because when Google's crawlers notice that dozens of websites are constantly removing links to your URL, Google will assume your site is either a scam, spam or just plain horrible. Eventually, this process could even lead to your website getting totally blacklisted from Google for a year or more. This means no more ranking, no more traffic and no more sales from Google's search engine.

-Our process

Here at Fate Marketing, all of our SEO is done manually, by hand, written by either Jacob or Brandon, our two Syracuse SEO based consultants. The backlinks that we build are high quality, uploaded on websites that are trustworthy and ones which also contain similar content to your own. This is important because Google uses the information from inbound links to better understand what exactly your website offers or contains. Additionally, by only building links on websites with a high trust factor, Google will feel more comfortable ranking your site at the top of search results.

With Fate Marketing, you can rest easy that your site will be safe from Google's wrath and your rank will be more concrete, with little worry of dropping out of search results.

-Need a website?

If you don't have a website yet, Fate Marketing offers low cost website design as well. Please check us out! > Web Design Syracuse


If you are looking to get a price quote, please fill out the form located at the very bottom of this page. Please give us an idea of what keyword(s) you would like to get ranked for. If you are unsure, we can work with you to find out your goals and we can put together a target keyword list.

Our prices will vary depending on a few things.

1. Complexity and competition of the keyword. The more people competing over ranking for the exact same keyword, the harder it is to rank.

2. Number of Keywords. The number of keywords you wish to rank for. (We suggest one keyword per page for the highest ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.)

3. Keyword Research. If you want us to do keyword research and find the highest volume keyword for your targeted audience or if you already have a keyword picked out.

4. Site Structure. In some cases a keyword might have a lot of competition and we will need to login directly into your website and edit some of the code via your ftp server or in your database. Our SEO consultants also have vast experience developing and editing websites so we will be able to make the necessary changes with ease. Ranking depends on a variety of factors like metadata, titles, heading tags, keyword density, page length, the duration of time your website itself has existed, trust and citation flow, outbound and inbound links, images and the URL--All of which should be optimized to rank your website high on results and keep it that way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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